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How's the weather in your livewell?

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Catch-n-Release fishing sometimes comes with a catch. That’s when your livewell needs to live up to its name. Interval aeration is a good start but when on-board power is already taxed by trolling, sonar and more, the next step demands the V-T2 name. The patented V-T2 is double-trusted to allow continuous oxygen flow and provide an escape route for heat and metabolic gases. The result is a more balanced livewell environment for when the "last cast" is the last thing on your mind.

V-T2. Works as you win!

Thank you to the great folks at FLW Outdoors for providing the video of the event!

2014 Bassmasters Classic



  • US & Canada Patents
  • Made of Super-Tough nylon with UV inhibitor
  • Eliminates the need for adding ice to your livewell
  • Not a tripping hazard
  • Designed to be stepped on repeatedly
  • Will not allow your livewell water to splash out
  • Removes stinky foam build up from harmful gases
  • Dries your livewell on your ride home
  • Freshwater or saltwater use
  • No maintenance or battery power required
  • Easy to install
  • Retrofit to any style boat
  • Environmentally safe
  • Only $44.99
  • The V-T2 does not replace your lid lifts.
  • For installation instructions and photos click here.

Listen to our Radio Commercial Here
V_T2 Radio Commercial




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