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Catch-2-Release Technologies

from New Pro Products

Along with a championship boat and tackle, you're not a true winner until weigh-in. That's exactly the thinking behind New Pro's Catch-2-Release technologies- the all-natural approach to fish care.


Jimmy Houston SIgnature Series

V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System

Works as you win!

Our patented V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System improves livewell water quality by allowing a continuous oxygen flow and provides an escape route for heat and metabolic gases. The result is a more natural and healthier livewell environment for your fish and easy fish care for you!


Weigh-in with Confidence

Fish that are healthy, strong and ready for the release!

After a long day on the tournament trail, weigh-in with confidence; avoid penalties and the risk of stress-related delayed mortality after release.


Livewell Ventilation System

by New Pro Products

Trusted by thousands of serious anglers around the globe as their best source for optimum livewell fish care.

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V-T2 in Black

V-T2 in White

When Championships are on the line

V-T2. Secures the win!

2014 CrappieUSA Champions David Jones and Richard Williams relied on the V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System for their fish care needs to keep their crappie healthy, strong and the liveliest at weigh-in. When ounces determine championships, the V-T2 allows anglers to weigh-in with confidence.

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Learn how the V-T2 Livewell System can keep your fish healthy, strong and ready for the release.

The all-natural fish care solution.