New Pro Products introduces CATCH2RELEASE Technologies

Along with a championship boat and tackle, you’re not a true winner until weigh-in. That’s exactly the thinking behind New Pro Products Catch2Release technologies - the all-natural approach to tournament fish care. NewPro’s patented V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System improves livewell water quality by allowing continuous oxygen flow and provides an escape route for heat and metabolic gases. The result is a more natural and healthier livewell environment for your fish. After a long day on the tournament trail, weigh-in with confidence; avoid penalties and the risk of stress-delayed-mortality after release.

Between your skill and the scale there’s NewPro!

How's the weather in your livewell?

V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System
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    V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System*

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    In tournament conditions....

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    the HEAT is on!!

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    And not just at the weigh-in...

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    Is your livewell well-equipped???

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    V-T2. Works as you Win!

*Recommended to neutralize low-ox shock.